Tuesday, 3 April 2012

And the below WIP finished!, Not perfect by any means but have already spent far too long on it.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

In an effort to keep this thing more up to date I thought I'd post a work in progress of one of the 2D scenes from Yin and Yang. Am at a stage now where I am having to cut back a lot of what I hoped to animate for the 2D portion of the film, a pity but time constraints and all that.

Tis quarter to 5 in the morning....zzzzzz.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Yet again, has been a long time since me last post, I apologise to the entire internet.

Just a bit of a Yin and Yang dump,

First up some of the 3D animation playblasts from where I currently am. Some of these are missing huge chunks, quite a few of the scenes are looking rather in need of some tender loving care currently and so need a couple more passes, but for what it's worth here it is! (complete with stop and start music and bits of animatic thrown in for good measure!)

Next up some of the 2D artwork for the "blueprint" portion of the film, these need to be compiled and what not but here is a peek.

And then this is a first test of how the 2D blueprint portion of the film could look. Initially I wanted this to be the intro to the 2D portion, where yang first steps out onto the bridge and the blueprint slowly appears, but I think zooming in from space won't sync well pacing wise, thus it has turned into a 'test' :D

And whilst plonking my face through multicoloured circular items I shall say 'that's all folks'

Thanks for looking.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Finally got some beauty renders completed in Maya for the Yin and Yang characters, I've modelled and textured the wooden apple in the animation as well but am still struggling to get a decent render of it. Maya keeps crashing, no doubt there is something I am doing wrong, shall update as soon as I have it sorted.

Friday, 27 January 2012

And yet again I find myself having to apologise for the lack of updates, apparently this whole 3D modelling thing is actually quite difficult. I've finally finished modelling and texturing Yin and Yang for the 3D portion of my film. These guys may not look like much, but being my first attempts at 3D rigged models from my own design they took me blooming ages. Learnt a ton doing them, Yin (the bottom image) still needs to be rigged which is why he is looking rather stiff, but Yang's completely finished now.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

I completed this animatic a while ago but have only realised I didn't upload it onto here. It is still very rough, purely designed to just give me a general feel for the different shots I want to include and the length of the final animation.

Sorry again for the lack of updates, I'm still struggling with learning Maya as quickly as I can. I wanna do another Brain Fart Bill, and a Vlog and other such madness, soon hopefully, just gotta get over this hurdle.

Oh quick note on the animatic, all the black and white parts are going to be 3D, the blueprint coloured parts are going to be 2D digital with a blue print design, and the red parts are going to be 2D digital coloured in.